Wednesday, 12 December 2007

I Predict an Audio Book

Received a quite remarkable package today from the good people at Clipper Audio/WF Howes who have released a number of my books on cd/tape over the past few years. Now these are none of your edited versions, you get every fricken word. Well I opened up the box and there was a beautiful package containing the audio book of 'I Predict A Riot' - on a staggering twenty cds and lasting some twenty one and a half hours. And all read by actor Adam Moore, who deserves some kind of a medal. Now I think these are mainly aimed at libraries, or the visually impaired, or people going on long journeys - i.e. the first manned mission to Mars - and I'm not entirely convinced that life isn't too short to devote twenty one and a half hours to listening to anything I write, but if audio books are your thing, then you should check it out. Considering how long it lasts it's not extravagantly priced either.