Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Doc 2

The documentary Bateman on Bangor: Light of the World went down sufficiently well with viewers and the BBC themselves for them to comission another one for later in the year. It has the working title of Bateman's Belfast Confidential and I'll be teaming up with producer Damien Magee again to take a wry look at modern Belfast.

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Patricia J. Hale said...

Couple of items completely unrelated to your latest blog entry (sorry 'bout that):

Reading I PREDICT A RIOT now and loving it. I'll add a review to Amazon when I finish. It'll likely be a couple of weeks because you certainly don't cheat the reader in the content department.

Have you considered adding your blog to crimespot.net?

One more thing. Have you ever driven from Chicago to California? Let's just say you'll be done with the audio version and looking for another one...

new fan,