Saturday, 7 June 2008

And now for the news....

......oh its been a busy few months in one way or another, which is absolutely no excuse for not keeping this updated. Also, it has been kind of sunny and I now have a big shiny red head.
Been back and forth to London a few times - I'm working on a TV project for Sky at the moment, which is based on the crime novels of Stephen Booth. These are set in the Peak District and feature a mismatched pair of detectives, Cooper and Fry. Having fun doing this, and was across for a brief tour of the Peaks courtesy of the author just last week. Also working on something about Hanging Judges in the 19th century for the Beeb - which is taking me right out of my comfort zone!

The latest children's book, Titanic 2020: Cannibal City is either in the shops (in Ireland) or about to hit them 9everywhere else) and I've been doing my bit to promote that. Some more stuff coming up next week - appearances at Easons in Bangor, Craigavon, Athlone and Blanchardstown. The first book in the series is up for three children's book awards in England; it also just missed out on the big one in Ireland, the Bisto Children's Book of the Year, losing out to Siobhan Dowd's 'London Eye Mystery'. I wuz robbed, obviously.

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Sean Flanagan said...

Hard to know how to frame a functional comment, if you'll excuse the (heavily disguised) pun. Expect you would not receive much commentary on such a topic - no intended reference to the bar by the same - , so, there you go, so to speak, except to add by way of addendum (now you're making me work - I had to accede (and again, I don't use such verbiage (oh no!) to my innate self doubt and open word, type, well..(ctrl c, ctrl v anyway)to ensure this invading word was what I meant it to be. Finally, I did look up Rankin and found to my education he was not a cook, ok chef, but a scribe, so there, all in the name of education aka in pursuit of being a smartarse. p.s. no apologies intended, but your last book "orpheus rising" is still in the fridge, but no excuses tolerated, and bravo self indulgence, I'm off on holdidays on 21st and indend to devour it slowly when in Achill, when the children are asleep and the wife is talking to her mum. Keep hitting that keyboard Colin, Sean.