Friday, 1 August 2008

And the award goes to:

A few weeks ago I chose to spend some time at a crime writing festival in the South of France rather than go to Rotherham where one of my children's books was shortlisted for an award. Doh! Should have gone to Rotherham, where Titanic 2020 has scooped their book of the year.

According to their press release: Children have been very positive about the selection of books this year, but the overwhelming favourite was “Titanic 2020” by Colin Bateman – the announcement of this news at the end of the proceedings was met with a loud roar of approval. Authors recognise the importance of the award because it is chosen by children, the very people we hope will buy and enjoy their books. A book signing took place on the afternoon giving children the chance to meet their favourite authors and the authors the chance to meet their young audiences.

This year’s shortlist:
The White Giraffe Lauren St John Orion Children’s
The Pig Who Saved the World Paul Shipton Puffin
Oranges in No Man’s Land Elizabeth Laird MacMillan Children’s
At the House of the Magician Mary Hooper Bloomsbury
Titanic 2020 Colin Bateman Hodder Children’s
Snatched Graham Marks Usborne

So there you go!

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Sean Flanagan said...

And why wouldn't it Mr Colin (hate these words where I have to figure out where to put the squiggle i.e. apostrophy thing). I have invested in all your books {invested in a certain sense} including your children's books or do I mean being a smarta..e) childrens' books (or being a dumba..e - as my 2 year old daughter calls me). But, I really have. I admit sadly not to have read them i.e. the books written for children, I will call them. But My kids sadly cannot read that much yet as they are 5 and under, but I - forgive me God - (no offense to allah buddah mohammed or orbiting teabag in the stratosphere) fully intend to bring Bateman (Mr C) into their recommended ("ok I will give you a sweet if you read 2 pages each day") reading. And by way of final note, I will most likely take the time to read them myself. p.s. good to see 2 chapters of your next.. keep at it Sean