Monday, 26 January 2009

When the going gets weird.....

I had the weirdist experience the other night.

A had this dream/nightmare about being attacked by a giant bee. I was just in the act of punching out at it when I woke up suddenly - just in time to stop myself punching my wife in the head.

I pretty quickly went back to sleep and then forgot about it until the following evening when I jokingly apologised to my wife for almost hitting her. She asked why and I explained about being attacked by a giant bee. And her mouth just dropped open. Because the novel she had been reading in bed beside me that night featured a man who could control bees with his mind and make them attack people.

This was a book I had never read and knew absolutely nothing about.

Just a coincidence?

Or evidence of the untapped powers of the mind?

Forty years ago I might have reported it to the Bee Specials, but too late for that now.

(Only a few of you will get this. Apologies. But the bee story is true. And scary.)


Gerard Brennan said...

McKinty would probably get the Bee Specials thing.


Sean Flanagan said...

I wouldnt bee too worried about it, good job you didnt hit your wife though

ps any books coming out soon

adrian mckinty said...

You know what this is - he's establishing an alibi for his "sleepwalking defence". Mark my words we're going to hear about how much he likes twinkies next but sometimes they make him so mad.

Sandra said...

hi colin, my name is sandra, i'm from italy and i read two of your stories. divorcing jack and ciclo volento
i liked them very much
i wish they'd translate some more into intalian
best regard