Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Yeah, I know.....

....it has been a long, long time. I've been looking into getting the website rebooted, but that's no excuse really. Lazy also comes into the equation. That said, I have been updating fairly regularly on Facebook if you want to search that out, and there's also been Twitter in the last couple of weeks.

So where are we?

The new book, The Day of the Jack Russell, was released this week, and should be in the shops. I'm expecting reviews to appear over the next few weeks - fingers crossed. Any feedback I've had so far has been very positive. For those who don't know about it, it's the follow up to Mystery Man, and I'm currently working on the third in the series, which at the moment I'm calling 'Dr. Chicago' (think about it).

What else is happening in Bateman world? Well, I've written a 60 minute script for the BBC based on 'Mystery Man', but no decision yet as to it actually going into production or not. There's a lot of scripts out there vying for very few slots. But fingers crossed. It would be nice to make it, and even nicer to make it in Belfast. If you've read it, and have any ideas who you think might be good in the lead role, don't be shy!

The book had a very successful launch at No Alibis - where else? - last night, with a full house, which I think was pretty great for a miserably wet Monday night. At the event I read a short excerpt from 'Dr. Chicago', plus two short stories, 'Happy Endings' and 'Dublin Express'. The first of these is due to appear in the er, prestigious Red Bull Magazine, which I believe is given away free with The Independent newspaper, but I've no idea quite when. The other is currently lacking a home, written purely for fun.

Elsewhere in Bateman world, I've been writing a tv script called 'Alice Glass', about a bi-polar detective, I've written a children's book which is the first in a planned series, 'SOS: Icequake', and I've been talking to the Lyric Theatre in Belfast about staging my first play, 'National Anthem', when it re-opens early in 2011. So its been a busy week.


Chris Collins said...

Hi Colin
My fiancée and I recently read Mystery Man while travelling around Vietnam, it was a great read, very funny. Came on here just to have a noisy and see what else you've done, you seem to be working hard! Great to hear you've a new book out. It'll make for good reading over Christmas
Keep up the good work!

Mark and Caroline said...

Hi Colin,

I was pretty sure I'd read all your books, then stumbled upon a copy of Bar Stool Boy from 1989. And I notice Bar Stool Boy mentions 'The Day of the Jack Russell' on the back cover. So I guess 20 years ago, Jack Russell was already in progress. Sort of.

Couldn't find TDOTJR in the shops, by the way. Not in Camberley anyway. Or Guildford. Had to order it on-line in the end. You should moan to your Marketing Director about that. Or Richard & Judy. Or someone.

But anyway - Amazon to the rescue and I'm very much looking forward to reading it over Christmas.

You have a good one! And thanks for the books. Always excellent reading and full of laughs!!!

Kieran said...

Dear Colin, I just finished your 2 latest books. I have read most of your books and loved them all, but these two have been the absolute most fun. As I was reading them I kept picturing Chris O'Dowd from the IT Crowd as Mystery Man. I finished the books hoping they would be made into films, so good luck with that. And, do you think you will ever come to Australia for a Writers'Festival or something?

koala.sprint said...

Bar Stool Boy???
How did i miss that one?
Any chance it will be re-released or (crossing fingers) made to download?

All the best with the upcoming projects.


PS. What about the Crossmaheart movie? Still planning to release it on your web, or sell bootleg copies from Bangor Presbyterian jumble sale?