Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Documentary on BBC 1 NI

........'Bateman on Bangor' the documentary I've made for BBC 1 Northern Ireland will be shown on Monday, November 26th at 10.35 pm. It deals with my growing up in Bangor and how the writing career got started......and is quite good fun! If you're not from Northern Ireland you should be able to pick it up on Sky on their regional tv listings for the BBC. The programme was produced by Damien Magee, who worked with me for a brief while at the Co. Down Spectator about twenty years ago, before foolishly choosing to forsake a career at the cutting edge of journalism to join the BBC. Damien is also a bit of a rock star....at least in his own head....and played guitar in popular 80s Belfast band St. Vitus Dance. This bunch of lads has recently reformed, has an album coming out and is playing at the Black Box in Belfast on December 8th.
.....I'm also talking to the BBC about making some more documentaries, but these are at quite an early stage.. If all goes according to plan by this time next year, and following extensive dental work, nose straightening, hair transplant and freckle removal surgery, I will have successfully transformed myself into Dale Winton and can stop writing those ffffffing stupid books.

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