Tuesday, 27 November 2007

And the award goes to.....

I'll be presenting an award at the Prince's Trust gala dinner at the Culloden Hotel outside Holywood (Co.Down) on December 6. The evening will act as a major fundraiser for the charity in Northern Ireland (and will hopefully be one of the largest charity ever seen here), and will feature special guests and live performances from well known artists. The only award I've ever received - apart from one quarter of a Scottish Bafta, see below - is the Betty Trask Prize. Any award with Betty in the title can't be that prestigious. Although more prestigious than one with Doris.
The emphasis here is on 'received' of course, as I did WIN an award a few months back, but it was more spiritual than tangible (i.e. there was no cash involved, or even a trophy, not even a small one, or a certificate, or something scrawled on the back of a beer mat. ) This was from Declan Burke's rather wonderful Crime Always Pays website which is THE essential guide to Irish crime fiction (it may also be the ONLY guide to Irish crime fiction, but I'm not sure, I don't get out much) . This was the inaugural Crime Always Pays Poll to discover the Funniest Irish Crime Fiction Writer, Like, Ever™. And I quote: 'To no one’s real surprise, The Artist Formerly Known As Colin Bateman topped the vote with 47%, followed by Eoin Colfer and Ruth Dudley Edwards sharing 23% each, and Pauline McLynn coming home with 9%. '
Wonderful as this is, I have to point out that Crime Always Pays has been quite detrimental to my writing career, as every time I log on I spend hours going through the blog and thus end up getting no work done at all. It's everything a blog should be - informative, funny and done with obvious love. i.e. unlike this one, which I am contractually obliged to provide.

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