Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Mohammed Maguire

It has always been my dream to direct a movie version of 'Mohammed Maguire', and back in May I at least had the opportunity to explore how it might turn out when I attended the Moonstone Directors Course in Germany. The course allows you to shoot some selected scenes from your script, using a volunteer crew and actors. Essentially you create a demo tape - it's not really for public consumption as such because it's pretty experimental and the equipment you get to use is very basic, but we thought, what the hell, let's get it out there. So to that end Pearse Moore at Raw Nerve productions has put some of the footage up on Youtube.....it's very much 'no budget' film making, but it gives an idea of how it all might work if someone was daft enough to give me a few million quid to make the movie. If you want to take a peek you should go to http://www.youtube.com/user/rawnervefilms If you want to give me a few million quid you should e-mail me IMMEDIATELY.

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